Developing your strategy for all things leather

Mike Redwood helps companies develop their strategies, positioning and branding. Innovation and strategic marketing are major areas.

Currently I am the main spokes-person for the LeatherNaturally! movement  This  promotes leather as a versatile premium material and help stops it sinking to the level of a commodity, Leather is a valuable, scarce but renewable resource.  Its future depends on being correctly positioned in the marketplace.

The programme began in the first quarter of 2012. Support is still being looked for from throughout the trade so if interested please look at the web site. 

In April 2013 I presented at the Freiburg Leather Days in Sinsheim jointly on behalf of LeatherNaturally! and ICLT and the University of Northampton. Listen here LISTEN

During 2011  I supported LeatherNaturally! at meetings at Couromodo in Sao Paulo, at the BLC seminar and other meetings at APLFHong Kong, and ACLE Shanghai including the Leather International Upholstery Conference.  I also presented at the World Leather Congress in Rio on 9th November. In 2012 this extended to Prime Source Forum, APLF Hong Kong, the 18th UNIDO Leather Panel, a Leather International Conference in Shanghai, ACLE Shanghai and AICLST leather technical conference in Taiwan. For the latter I wrote a paper on Carbon Footprinting and CSR which after a small amount of updating and editing was published in the JSLTC in 2013. 

I fit these trips into ongoing activities as Visiting Professor for Leather at Northampton University and as a Teaching Fellow in Marketing at the University of Bath. There is a quite a big doze of advanced marketing ideas in most of what is presented.  This is appropriate as the luxury goods market, includuing luxury automobiles, are both some of the most advanced in using their marketing and amongst the biggest users of quality leather.  As a key component brand leather must be aware of all the current trends in marketing and be willing to deploy them in ingredient branding at the highest level. I also had a paper on innovation published in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour in Sepember 2012. It examines the invention and introduction of chromium tanning from an IMP Network Approach.

If you want to contact me for advice just email   I only do work that is interesting and where I feel I canmake a difference.